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Silicon Beach May Meeting
Thursday, May 23, 2024, 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM PDT
Category: Silicon Beach

Join BP Silicon Beach for their monthly meeting!

At this month’s Silicon Beach meeting, we will learn about cutting edge technology directly from two entrepreneurs, both participants in our host’s Preccelerator™ Program: Obi Onyejekwe, founder and leader of UNOMI, a Software as a Service (Saas) company for animators and video game developers, and Tanya Vucetic is the CEO & co-founder of Los Angeles based software start-up, BlockForms.

Meet the speakers
Obi Onyejekwe
Obi Onyejekwe Silicon Beach May Speaker

As a visionary, entrepreneur, and Creative Director with 20+ years of digital design experience and 18+ years of project-based UI/UX, design, and video leadership, I have a proven track record of building successful digital and entertainment ventures. Notably, I played a key role in raising over $900,000 for the innovative startup Nito Inc., which was later acquired by AOL, showcasing my ability to spearhead the development of high-end products. My expertise extends to developing cohesive business visions, ensuring brand alignment, and optimizing narrative and technical elements. With a rich blend of startup foundation, capital raising prowess, and marketing expertise acquired from working with giants like Paramount, Nickelodeon, and Disney, I am committed to setting industry benchmarks, achieving project consistency, and driving communication strategies that accentuate product quality and user experience.


UNOMI is a SaaS for animators and video game developers. UNOMI leverages advanced, AI voice recognition and motion capture technology that automates a lot of the most time-consuming aspects of animation production. Our voice recognition software understands human speech in multiple languages. This allows animators to easily create the speech of multiple 2D and 3D animated characters and for some, UNOMI gives them the ability to create content on a daily basis. UNOMI’s motion capture software will give content creators the ability to easily track human movement within their home or studio, which will eliminate the need to rent expensive motion capture studio space and equipment. Large-scale animation studios will be able to drastically reduce costs allowing them to create more content in a significantly shorter amount of time. UNOMI will also be releasing an Augmented Reality and VR, 3D object plugin for Adobe software which will allow users to easily implement and animate 3D objects quickly and easily. Each UNOMI software will be intuitive, which will eliminate a learning curve for most users.

Tanya Vucetic
Tanya Silicon Beach May Speaker

Tanya Vucetic is the CEO & co-founder of Los Angeles based software start-up, BlockForms. She is a Data Science innovator and has personally built technology ranging from algorithms that recommend which items can and can't be shipped together in a box to monitoring how well you are brushing your teeth with an electric toothbrush. Tanya's passion for optimization and making work more fun has led her to build BlockForms, a software that automates filling out any and all paperwork.


Repetitive data entry is an operational inefficiency across insurance, healthcare, finance and staffing. BlockForms is a *fill out all of your forms at the same time* web application - the heavy lifting before signature. This technology automatically aggregates redundant questions using AI and smart mapping into one document for input which then seamlessly populates into all the requisite forms - cutting down business implementation time from 2+ weeks to under a day. We’re on a mission to eliminate manual data entry for good.


Location: Stubbs Alderton & Markiles, 
: $15