Bruin Professionals is: Community, Camaraderie & Commerce

Bruin Professionals (BP) brings together a diverse group of established UCLA Alumni business professionals to build relationships. BP Chapters meet monthly to explore opportunities and share resources, ideas and advice. Recently BP reordered its core values from Commerce, Camaraderie and Community to Community, Camaraderie and Commerce to better reflect the importance of prioritizing relationships first among members. This change aligns with the group's broader mission of building a supportive community of UCLA Alumni to help each other grow in their professional lives.



• A shared UCLA experience and involvement is the basis of our group.
• Beyond campus and classes, BP serves a unique affiliation for business professionals within the extended UCLA family.


• BP is a membership beyond business: as professional colleagues and as friends.
• We are an open, inviting and unique professional group, where people effortlessly connect beyond the name badge. 


 BP is an active business referral network and connection network 
• BP is an information resource network of qualified and established professionals