Bruin Professionals is: Community, Camaraderie & Commerce

The purpose of Bruin Professionals (‘BP’) is to assemble and engage a diverse group of UCLA Alumni who are well established in business. BP Members have opportunities at organized monthly chapter meetings to develop relationships and expand their business activities by sharing referrals, resources, information, ideas and advice. BP develops Bruin synergy and establishes a venue through which Professional Alumni can actively associate with UCLA and build new business activity.



• A shared UCLA experience and involvement is the basis of our group.
• Beyond campus and classes, BP serves a unique affiliation for business professionals within the extended UCLA family.


• BP is a membership beyond business: as professional colleagues and as friends.
• We are an open, inviting and unique professional group, where people effortlessly connect beyond the name badge. 


 BP is an active business referral network and connection network 
• BP is an information resource network of qualified and established professionals