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Warner Center May Meeting
Thursday, May 06, 2021, 12:00 PM PST
Category: Warner Center

 Learning Blocks: Time Management & Productivity

We all have learning blocks that are ingrained in us since childhood because no one taught us how to learn, just what to learn. These learning blocks follow us into our professional lives still today.

Have you ever been extremely busy yet not productive? Many people feel overwhelmed but don’t know where to begin to calm the storm. Most are unaware they even have learning blocks. Everyone has the ability to optimize their brain’s capabilities, so that they can enjoy their best professional and personal life. The key to functioning optimally is personalization of learning, based on how your own brain best functions.

About the Speaker

Cosimo Intermite is a highly credentialed instructor of learning techniques. He has master level certifications in the following fields: Mind Maps, Speed Reading, Micro-Facial Expressions, Team building, Public Speaking, Effective Communication, Goal Setting, Decision-Making, Personal Development, Time Management, and Memory Techniques.

Born and raised in Italy, he and his wife enjoy training people all over the world from their Denver office. They customize programs that are unique to each person’s learning style and brain development. Cosmo believes “Everyone loves to learn, but what they don’t like is the
learning process” so he bridges that gap by teaching people the best process for their brain.

Time will be set aside for attendee introductions, so using the video feature throughout the meeting is encouraged. Please watch the training and read the documents on the BP ZOOM Resource Center, so you are prepared for the meeting.

Cost: Free