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LAG February Event
Thursday, February 18, 2021, 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM PST
Category: Lawyers Affinity Group (LAG)

Lawyers Affinity Group- Mental Illness: Stigma, Substance Abuse; Police Interaction and Its Impact on Self- and Family Well-Being

Family’s Perspective: Mental illness does not “just happen.”  Does substance abuse (addictions) mask physically grounded mental disorders?  Should police address underlying mental illness causes when responding to domestic violence 911 calls? What are the limitations of the “5150” stabilization care, and fragmented public & private treatment sources? Richard Weissman will discuss potential cultural differences in responding to mental illness, the importance of family understanding, support of a loved one in crisis (acute and chronic), and the progress of UCLA Chancellor’s Grand Challenge on Depression.

About the Speaker

Richard Weissman is a Bruin undergraduate (’69) and attended Loyola School of Law, Los Angeles (’72). He is a practicing lawyer and served the Courts as receiver, partition referee, provisional director and licensed Professional Fiduciary managing and controlling assets in Civil, Probate, Family Law and State and Federal consumer securities and real estate fraud litigation. Richard is a lay member of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), a Past President and Member of the Los Angeles County Probation Commission (and Juvenile Justice Commission), and currently NAMI’s liaison to LA County’s new Youth At Risk CBO referral program. He is also a NAMI Crisis Intervention Trainer and participates in the LA County Sheriff’s Department in-service mental health sensitivity program.  Richard and his wife, Carol (also a Bruin), are alumni supporters of the UCLA Chancellor’s Grand Challenge on Depression.


This event is sponsored by ADR Services, Inc. and will give MCLE credit for the session.