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Beverly Hills August Meeting
Tuesday, August 17, 2021, 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM PST
Category: Beverly Hills

How to find your perfect message
Imagine knowing EXACTLY what to say to your audience that would instantly communicate how you're different, what your unique value is, and inspire them to say YES. What would you need to say to make that happen?

Every business has that one extraordinarily effective message. The one that turns them from considering you to choosing you. It’s a result of how our neurology is set up to respond in a way that makes us feel resonance and desire.

Using a series of easy-to-grasp examples Michael builds a picture of how our neurology operates to make us feel good about you and what you are offering. Then you’ll learn the specific real-world strategies that are uniquely suited to "speak" directly to this core neurology and have the most impact on your customer’s decision to buy.

Here’s what you will learn:
• How to generate resonance and attraction in your customer
• How to craft a message that is pitch-perfect for your ideal customer
• How our brain is actually wired to make the decision to buy, and the right kind of message that makes the decision go your way
• The difference between the wrong message and the right message for your specific business

About Michael: 
Michael Liebowitz
Michael Liebowitz is the CEO of Magnetic Mind Studio. His mission is to show business owners how to communicate meaningfully and effectively so they attract more of their ideal customers. An expert in the fields of brand strategy and behavioral neurology, he works with small businesses to craft messaging strategies that target how we are wired to feel resonance and attraction. Michael has a passion for understanding how the human mind works to drive our decisions. Over the past 12 years, Michael has created a fresh and counter-intuitive insight of how businesses can use specific language to trigger trust, engagement, and the decision to buy.

Time will be set aside for attendee introductions, so using the video feature throughout the meeting is encouraged. Please watch the training and read the documents on the BP ZOOM Resource Center, so you are prepared for the meeting.
Cost: Free