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Silicon Beach September Meeting
Wednesday, September 22, 2021, 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM PDT
Category: Silicon Beach

Let’s build stronger connections amongst our members at this month’s meeting. The better we understand what service each member provides the more effectively we can help each other.  Please bring to our meeting on the 29th a brief description of a current specific project that you find rewarding or challenging or fun or frustrating, etc.  As an example, if I’m a real estate broker, I would not start with “I’m helping people buy or sell properties..” but rather, “I have a client who is selling a property located in West Adams and here are the challenges and opportunities….”  About one minute per chat and then we can see if there are any questions.  Of course you may keep info as general as necessary so as not to violate anything sensitive or confidential.  This should be fun and informative.

 As always, participation is completely voluntary – we want you to come join even if you do not make a presentation.  Just send me a chat as we get started letting me know not to call on you.  Looking forward to seeing and hearing from all of you.

Time will be set aside for attendee introductions, so using the video feature throughout the meeting is encouraged. Please watch the training and read the documents on the BP ZOOM Resource Center, so you are prepared for the meeting.

Cost: Free